About Me

A Little Bit More About Me
I am Technology Teacher at the Galloway Township Middle School in Galloway, New Jersey. My responsibilities are to integrate technology into all core subject areas grades 7-8, (which are aligned with NJ Student Learning Standards), provide technology resources, tools, and support to staff and students, provide STEM projects and lessons, provide assistance in building technology lessons and curriculum for staff, and provide professional development to all staff at the school and throughout the district. This includes 1:1, and large whole group instruction.

Google Qualifications and Certifications

In addition, I am proud to announce that I am a Gold Product Expert in the Google for Education, Google Expeditions, CS First, and Jamboard help forums, a Google Cloud Certified for G Suite, a Google Certified Trainer and a Google Certified Educator, as well as a Google Educator Group Leader for NJ.

Other Certifications

In addition, I am a Wakelet Ambassador, an Ozobot Ambassador, and a Master Screencaster via Screencastify. I am a proponent of Computer Science education and I am always learning new ways and techniques to implement computing skills into my classroom. I find using a variety of other apps along with Google for Education allows students to have a more engaging learning experience.

My Mission


My mission for The Suite Talk is to provide educators with best practices and guidance implementing technology into the classroom. In order for educators to teach today’s learners in future ready schools, they need to equip themselves with crucial digital skills so they can provide the best digital learning environment for their students.

The Suite Talk will provide educators with comfortable and simple conversations about new or existing features of Google for Education, and practical ideas to implement Google for Education and other technology tools into the classroom. I will provide documentation, screen casts, tips, and tricks that help stimulate and engage student learning while making educators work smarter not harder.

I hope that you will benefit from my efforts in providing you with quality professional development and technology integration.

Let’s connect, collaborate, share, and learn together while helping others integrate technology into the classroom. Let’s PayitForward!

Thank you,


- Kim Mattina

Founder of The Suite Talk

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