Alice Keeler and I wrote a new book about Google Jamboard! 

👉We give you 90+ ideas to use it in the classroom and also provide you with sample Jams and templates!!

👉It is available on Amazon on Kindle and Paperback editions and Barnes and Noble.

📖Teaching with Google Jamboard: 50+ Ways to Use the Digital Whiteboarding Tool.

How to use Google Jamboard for Distance Learning Success

I wrote an article for the digital magazine Equip from Learning dot com, “How to use Jamboard for Distance Learning Success”.

I  go over the how to use the app and ideas to use it in the K-12 classroom.

Teachers are sharing their Jamboard lessons and examples with me and I wanted to showcase their work.

Check out the #PayitForward Jamboard presentation by teachers for teachers.  Click on the sample links to see how others are using Jamboard.

I wanted to share the love of Jamboard with a broader audience, so I created the Ideaboard for Jamboard resource. The purpose of my Ideaboard is to promote Jamboard, support others who are using it, inspire others who are unfamiliar with it, and to learn and share ideas with my audience.

My resource offers an introduction to Jamboard, ideas on using it in the classroom, and allows you to share your idea too. Each idea is hyperlinked to a Google Slideshow that includes a learning goal, how it is aligned, examples and templates.
Some of templates were created by Philip Goodrich from BenQ. If you like any of those templates, you can download them as an image by clicking on the link in the slide, then inserting it as a background image in your Jam. The examples posted are taken from my some of experiences in the classroom and during training sessions.
Please feel free to look at the IdeaBoard for Jamboard. If you are using Jamboard in the classroom, please share your idea with me and help me #PayitForward and help other educators integrate technology into the classroom.

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