Consider Sponsoring!

My mission to #PayitForward to others is to provide educators with best practices and guidance on implementing educational technology lessons into the classroom. 

As I start another year of The Suite Talk, it has grown tremendously and has far exceeded my expectations. As much as I am passionate about my show and helping others, there is a need to sustain it.  However, you can help! I am looking for sponsors that are willing to make a donation to help support my show. A donation can consist of subscriptions, swag, or financial support.

If you are interested in sponsoring The Suite Talk, please fill out the sponsorship form so that I can acquire information about you or your company.  Afterwards, if you would like, you can proceed to the Patron or Paypal website to make financial donations. 

Thank you for your consideration and support. I really appreciate it. #PayitForward

Consider Paypal Donations

You can also donate financially using Paypal to help The Suite Talk. Thank you for your generosity. It is greatly appreciated.

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